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What are MetalWerks?

Metalwerks refer to a very high-end, polished, stylish art on metal. The word "werks" is a German term for an upscale and refined design accomplished in a studio.

Haller Metalwerks art creates unique, original and intriguing limited edition prints on aluminum. Some of our prints are 3-dimensional, adding depth and distinction to the composition. The metalwerks prints go through a very refined process: when the final sketch is completed, the aluminum is laser cut, and the design is then printed on a high-end flat bed machine. At the end of the process, the entire work is assembled into one final piece.

One of the unprecedented features of Haller Metalwerks art is the extremely simple hanging method: the back is attached to a flat TV bracket, which mounts the entire piece onto the wall. It gives the sense of the artwork “floating” on the wall, providing additional depth while maintaining the artwork’s elegance and sophistication.

Artist Biography

Originally from Israel, Carmit Haller is an emerging artist who works in large-scale, limited edition metalwerks, enticing the viewer’s eye by their lavish colors and intriguing compositions on aluminum. Haller has created a new genre in her computer-based painting technique, which is innovative, revolutionary and a breakthrough in the art scene.

Haller earned her BFA in Computer Arts/New Media from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where her work had won several awards including “Best of Show.” After establishing a fruitful career as a senior graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay Area, she returned to her passion for computer arts. Haller is currently represented by Bruno Publishing in the Caribbean Islands, and has had successful solo exhibitions in various venues in Israel, New York and San Francisco in the USA as well as Singapore in Asia. She currently has a show room in Israel displaying 5 of her pieces. She got commission works that are displayed in huge lobbies and private homes in Israel and Florida, USA. Her work has also been published in several art magazines worldwide.

Artist Statement
Having a background in psychology, Carmit Haller attempts to engage the sub- consciousness of the viewer in her artwork. Her pieces visually evoke well-known theories from psychology, such as Freud’s “Id”,”Catharis” and Jung’s “Albedo”. Haller believes in color as the first and foremost “raw” element that captures the viewer’s eye and psyche; it is one of the core aspects that engage those who view her artworks. The form and composition of her art intrigue both the mind and imagination. In Carmit’s words “I want the audience to connect with my artwork…I want to have an impact on them and challenge them intellectually and spiritually”.

Haller’s art pieces display a vibrant range of colors, shapes, motions and textures. She creates compositions that result in a graceful arrangement of brilliantly colored abstractions, influenced by the Neo-Impressionists and Fauvist color spectrum, as well as Cubist design principles. Haller’s artworks are based on a well-composed sketch in mind, rendered into fluid layers of relaxing colors and textures, or an outburst of emotion resulting in strong, rapid brush strokes and striking colors.

Haller’s artwork is composed on the computer, revealing unprecedented, innovative techniques. Her screen becomes her canvas, paintbrush and artist tools. She uses aluminum as her medium, reflecting the look, feel and touch of the digital, futuristic inspiration she conveys in her pieces. This format enables Haller to create different layers of dimensions, providing a depth unique to sculptured paintings.

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