Awards and Publications
Stop Human Trafficking, THE INTERNATIONAL REGGAE POSTER CONTST, 18th place out of 100 winners, August 2021. 
What Unites Us Online Exhibition.
Judge in 2021 New Talent Awards held by Graphis Inc. Poster Monday for "Home Sweet Home" July 2020. 
Graphis: Protest Posters2, November 2021. Gold award for "Self Sustained Evolution", Stop Human Trafficking", "Ignorance", Silver awards for "Home Sweet Home", "I Can't Breathe."
Graphis: "Design Annual 2022." July 2021. Platinum award for "What's Off", Gold Award for "Sometimes, Cigar is just a Cigar", Silver awards for "Tangent Points", "Stop Human Trafficking", "Pandemic Politics."
 Graphis: "Design Annual 2021." July 2020. Platinum award for "Self Sustained Evolution", Gold Award for "Othello",  "Den Lille Havfrue", Silver awards for "Self Sustained Evolution" series.
 Graphis: "Poster Annual 2021." April 2020. Gold awards for "Den Lille Havfrue", "Othello", Silver award for "Home Sweet Home."
 Graphis: "Poster Annual 2020." April 2019. Platinum award for "Salome", Gold Award for "Coppelia", Silver awards for "Ignorance", "The Visit", "We believe", "La Sonnambula."
 Graphis: "Poster Annual 2019." June 2018. Gold Awards for "Hamlet", "Macbeth", Silver awards for "Hamlet","Tosca."•
Graphis: "Type in Use 2018." June 2018. Gold Awards for "Mahler—song of the earth", "Hamlet", "Macbeth", "Tosca."Silver Awards for "Mahler—symphony no. 9", "Mozart—Requiem", "Sibelius Symphony no.5", "Macbeth", "Hamlet", "Broken Love." 
Graphis: "Design Annual 2018." June 2017. Silver awards for "Mahler—song of the earth", "Mahler—symphony no. 9", "Mozart—Requiem", "The sum of all conflicts", "Macbeth", Wall Art—Environmental. Merit award for "OCD", "Mahler—symphony no.9." 
Graphis: "Poster Annual 2017." April 2017. Silver awards for "Mahler—song of the earth", "Mahler—symphony no. 9", "Mozart—Requiem", "The sum of all conflicts". Merit award for "Macbeth."•
Graphis: "Logo Design 9." January 2017. Silver award for "neo"logo and Merit award for reali logo, Dragonfly logo, Butterfly logo, Crimson logo and LEVIA logo. 
Rockport Publishers: "LogoLounge Master Library Volume 4." January 2012. 
Rockport Publishers: "Design Matters: Portolfios." May 2010. Written by Maura Keller. Page 37. 
Rockport Publishers: Recycling & Redesigning Logos." September 2010. Written by Michael Hodgson. Page 170. 
Rockport Publishers: "Logo Lounge 5: 2000 international identities by leading designers." July 2009. Written by Bill Gardner and Catherine Fishel. Page 87-1-D. 

Group Shows
Graphis Show, San Antonio, Texas, 2019. 

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