Platinum Award, Design Annual 2024, Graphis
The following works examine the fragility, pain, and dependency—when the body is broken and fixed. The idea of being on the mend was driven by a personal experience, in which I learned firsthand what it meant to be physically helpless due to surgery. That is how the first piece (female with a stitched core) came to life. Having said that, my audience observed it through a wider perspective—abortions, for example, or the female obsession with her body. An obsession which ranged from anorexia to body disfiguration and plastic surgery. I decided to develop a series of broken, aloof, and dependent women who underwent a “fixed” procedure. However, the reason for their operation still remained unclear: were they pursuing the perfect figure according to the cruel fashion industry? Or was it a deeper, more violent trauma they were convalescing from?
The red thread, symbolizing life and energy, stitches together the broken and distorted body, but at what cost? Type was threaded into the bodies, as if they were tattooed, or branded. The actual thread was photographed separately, and was digitally edited into the image, giving it a realistic feel.
Design and Creative–Carmit Makler Haller
Photography—Adobe Stock, Jorge Gamboa/Mal De Ojo
Photo Editing—Jorge Gamboa/Mal De Ojo

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