Bring Them Home Now

On October 7th, 2023, Hamas attacked the Israeli towns and Kibutz near the Gaza stripe, in an unprecedented massacre of citizens. For eight hours Hamas slaughtered, killed, raped and beheaded 1400 kids, mothers, teens, young adults and elderly people. 210 were kidnapped to the Gaza and the numbers are still growing.
This is a poster is a call for action:
Bring them home NOW!
Our kidnapped kids (30 of them), elderly people (20 of them), young adults and lost families, are held as hostages in Gaza. 210 people are in captivity by the brutal Hamas and their number are still growing. Suffering rape, violent wounds, abuse and inhumane conditions.
The photo depicts a a young girl's necklace that fell off while abducted in the field.
Photography—Carmit Makler Haller / Carmit Design Studio
Design and Creative—Carmit Makler Haller / Carmit Design Studio

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