I got an invitation from Osaka, Japan, to take part in the Osaka Poster Fest, 2023: Future exhibition. There is so much to say about our Future, from a promising one to an apocalyptic one, to a global warming one, and a political / intolerable one. However, I decided to focus on Artificial Intelligence, which is quite a controversial subject. It’s everywhere. Everyone is talking about it, and it’s here to stay. Hence, we should better adapt to it, sooner than later. AI is providing us with extreme efficiency and faster delivery; the endless data is phenomenal, showcasing us unexpected outcomes and brilliant ideas. New positions in the industry such as AI engineering, AI generating, AI searching and so on—will take their place over existing ones. Yes, some positions will become obsolete and will need to reinvent themselves. Right now machine is imitating the human brain to such extent that it’s way more powerful and limitless. No doubt it is a potent tool. Will it fix humanity’s problems? Will it end peoples’ suffering? Or will it conjure new dilemmas—such as bios data, ethics, transparency, regulations and accuracy? What will happen to those will try to adapt to the change yet fall behind, and at what rate and risk? I can’t help but wonder who is at the helm. Will ill it be the machine ruling us at the end? What kind of future entails us, and is it a positive one? Only time, or Future, will tell.
The enclosed poster is conveying the above by using algorithms as textures, AI functions and current platforms (ChatGPT, Midjourney, Open AI) along with a textured nervous system, generated by AI, inside the typeface. The layout suggests a chart overloaded with data, implying a sense of overwhelm within a chaotic order. The general color palette is of a warm and optimistic future yet the question mark on the last letter suggests a doubtful one.
I want to thank Hajime Tsushima for his kind invitation. The exhibition will be displayed at the Gallery in Osaka University Arts, Nov 27-Dec 1, 2023.

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