Autumn is always the season where I’m taking a little pause, to observe nature as it changes around. I’m starting to be more aware to the cold air, the days drawing in and the overall decay. My thoughts start to sync with those shifts, as I look introspectively into our own transitions as human beings, growing older every year. Perhaps it’s also the holidays around that time of the year that make me ponder, sadly and gloomily, at the ending of another seasonal cycle. Maybe it’s all of these emotions that led to the following series of “Seasons.” No need to say much about it, as each season is symbolized by a different part of our body, reflecting its changes from birth to death, from ending to beginning.
Design and Creative—Carmit Makler Haller/Carmit Design Studio
Photography—Adobe Stock
Digital Editing—Carmit Makler Haller/Carmit Design Studio, Jorge Gamboa/Mal De Ojo

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