The Unborn One
Stillbirth. Going through the full labor of a dead baby. One of the hardest, most devastating experiences a family can endure. A child not born. An expectation cut abruptly. A void filled with sadness, loss, guilt and shame. Sometimes this subject becomes such a painful trauma for the parents that they do not share it with the kids which were born afterward. Nevertheless, stillbirth penetrates subconsciously into all aspects of family dynamics. A sibling may still feel the essence of his unborn brother/sister even if he never knew about it. Some parents still grieve or reminisce over and long for the child they have never met, replacing the role of the dead child with an existing one.The unborn child will always be the perfect fantasy never met, a promise turned into an agonizing memory.
Stillbirth is one of the biggest taboos in our culture. It remains a closed topic, due to its traumatic nature. Despite this, stillbirth should be given enough recognition, space and time to heal. This series portrays the interrelationships of the family members with their unborn child/sibling, the ones they never saw but only imagined.
Art Direction and Design—Carmit Makler Haller / Carmit Design Studio
Photography—adobe stock
Digital Editing—Carmit Maker Haller​​​​​​​

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